The styles of beer – and which one is good for you

The styles of beer – and which one is good for you

Beer lovers are fortunate enough to enjoy a distinct variety of beer. Light, dark, non-alcoholic or aromatic, beers are coming in different shapes and designs. In case you were wondering what styles of beers are available and which one is suitable for you, read our short list below.

Beer styles vs. beer types

Before we get to the point, let’s look a little closer to the distinction between beer styles and beer types. Beer styles refer to the “character” of the beer, while the beer types reveal the fermentation process behind the beer. The grade of yeast fermentation determines the taste of the beer, which is why the lagers taste from sweet to bitter and stouts taste styles in canada

These are the most popular beer types:

Malts – their particular flavor is the result of mixing nuts, caramel, and toffee. The color of this beer is dark.

Lagers/Pilsners – the most favorite beer type in the world. Among this type one can distinguish several groups, named German, Czech, and Dutch. The taste of the lager varies from sweet to tart. It’s the first most sold beer in Canada.

Stouts – the tart taste of the stouts is compensated with the creamy and rich texture of the beer. The taste of stout is close to coffee.

Porters – this dark type of beer brings a fruity flavor to beer lovers.

Ales – another fruity taste, with the touch of spices. It’s the second most sold beer in Canada.

Modern beer styles in Canada

Apart from these beer types, beer lovers are much familiar with the beer styles. They are based on the distinct visual characteristics of each beer, which makes them easier to spot and differentiate.
Dark beers, for example, it good for people who like strong flavor and firm texture. It’s bold in expression which makes it an excellent choice for individuals who are fearless and extrovert.

beer types in canadaOn the other hand, honey beers are usually meant for those who like sweetness in their beer. The creamy texture of the beer makes it delicious, which is appealing to most of the people who enjoy life.

Amber beers come with versatility, reflecting the taste and character of energetic and proactive people. If you’re not as energetic as amber beer lovers are, you might need a wheat beer. It’s an excellent combination of mild flavor and soft character. A perfect choice for those who are kind and amiable.…

Interesting facts about beer – most of them you likely didn’t know

Interesting facts about beer – most of them you likely didn’t know

Beer is the world’s most favorable alcoholic beverage. The fact that almost one-third of the global population drinks beer only indicates that the popularity of the beer will not fade away. At least, not soon.

Probably one of the oldest beverage in human history, beer has changed over the time to bring the consumers the flavor they know today. Stick with us to read some of the most interesting facts about beer.interesting facts beer

Healthier than water

One of the essential components of beer is ethanol, the chemical substance acting as an antiseptic. Ethanol can help you with a sore throat but cannot assist in treating the cold. If you’d take a beer to treat the cold, you’ll need around 60 percent of alcohol in your blood. However, it takes 0.5 percent of alcohol to get you killed.

Another health benefit from the beer is discovered in the research conducted by the staff of the University of the Western Ontario. The results show that taking one bottle of beer can help in the prevention of the heart problems. The polyphenols, micronutrients found in beer, can create protective layers of antioxidants essential in the prevention of heart diseases.

Defying the gravity

In a research conducted on Stanford, the scientists have discovered that beer bubbles create a loop that’s defying the gravity. They watched the bubbles go up to the center of the glass – because the drag from the glass is less intensive there – and fall to the sides when the top gets crowded.

There are some experiments you can try out yourself. If you take a glass of beer and tilt it, the foam will adhere to the sides, at least in most cases. That means you’re drinking a high-quality beer. And the procedure has its name – Brussels lace.

Everyday facts

The girls probably heard about the benefits of using beer on the hair. It’s estimated that nearly 100.000 gallons of beer get on the hair of women across the world. Also, beer can be used in the kitchen – many pastries or dishes are prepared with this beverage.

The best beer can be tasted in Germany – during the Octoberfest in Munich. Besides some great booze, you’ll be seeing their culture and fashion, taste some of the best sausages in the world, and get to know what Germans look like when they’re having fun.…

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