Healthy Lamb Recipes.

Are you tired of the same old beef, chicken and pork meals every other time You can add new and healthy lamb dishes to your table and enjoy with family and friends. They are easy to make and you can play around with the different recipes and still come out with a sumptuous meal. When you receive unexpected guests and you are stuck in the kitchen, there are simple and healthy lamb recipes that can come in handy. When we say lamb the first question that comes our mind is how to cook lamb chops .Here are a few recipes that can work magic for you and you will have a meal ready for your guests or family in the split of a second.


Middle Eastern Lamb Stew.

This simple lamb stew is a blend of the Middle East best recipes and contemporary style. All you need is the following

112 pounds of boneless lamb bone stew.

1 table spoon of olive or Canola oil

4 teaspoons of cumin powder.

1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper.

¼ teaspoon salt.

You can also add freshly ground pepper to taste

1 large or 2 medium onions thinly chopped.

1 28-ounce diced tomatoes.

cup reduced sodium chicken broth.

4 cloves of minced garlic

1 15-ounce chicken peas

At least 6 ounces of baby spinach.


How to prepare.

Simply place the lamb in a slow cooker. Put some oil, cumin, pepper coriander, salt and cayenne in a bowl. Use the mixture to coat the lamb to give it some spice. You can also garnish it with some onion.Then put some tomatoes, broth and garlic in a pan and let it simmer in medium heat. Pour in the lamb and let it cook until it is tender.

You can then skim any visible fat on the top layer. Mash some chicken peas, at least half a cup using a fork in a bowl. Add the mashed peas to the lamb stew.

Add some spinach and cook for about 5 minutes.

You can serve with rice or mashed potatoes depending on your taste.

Warm Lamb salad.

This particular salad just takes about 25 minutes to prepare. You need the following ingredients

800g lamb steaks.

¼ cup of vigin olive oil

600g boiled potatoes until tender.

1 large ripe avocado, peeled and sliced.

cup of pitted green olives.

4 cups watercress sprigs.

200g basil pesto.


You need to first preheat the barbecue grill plate on medium-high heat.

Use a meat mallet to pound the lamb in order to flatten it slightly.

Use a brush to spread the olive oil on the meat.

Cook the lamb for about 1-2 minutes. Add some salt and pepper to taste then set it aside.

Slice some potatoes and put them in a large bowl. Add some avocado slices, olives and watercress pesto together with some olive oil. Season it to your taste.

Use your hands to gently combine the salad and serve.

In a nutshell, there are many options when it comes to preparing those tasty lamb chops. The list is inexhaustible. You can make lamb chops in lentil salad, takes only 15 minutes to prepare.Enjoy healthy lamb recipes that are low in calories and fat.

Tips from Chefs to Cook the Perfect Home Meals

Some people believe that cooking the perfect meal is just a myth and the people that claim to be the perfect cook are nothing but the superhumans. Well, these kinds of thoughts only appear in our mind when we continuously fail in doing something that we curiously want to do. The problem with cooking is that you find plenty of people around you that are always ready to pass comment on your work.

And most of them always pass negative comments due to which you start losing hope and at the end of the day, you become a part of the group that believes that cooking the perfect meal is just a myth while it’s not true. We find lots of people around us that are good at cooking an amazing meal and they never fail to inspire others by cooking incredible food.

The reason why some people manage to cook incredible food each time is that they follow the instructions from the expert chefs. If you take a look at Home Chef Delivery – My Review, you’d get to know many interesting things that expert chefs follow in order to prepare the perfect meal. If you are looking to cook the perfect meal at home, you should start following the tips from these expert chefs.

We are sure that you would also become an expert cook after following these tips and you’d never fail to cook excellent food. Here are the tips from chefs to cook the perfect home meals.

Watch videos of expert chefs

If you want to add that interesting taste to your recipes, you need to start following the recipes that expert chefs use to cook amazing food. There are many cooking shows displayed on the TV that regularly share information about recipes that expert chefs use. They do not only share the information but they also show you the complete process of preparing that recipe. So, you should properly follow all the steps that they are sharing. Thus, you’d experience a sudden change in the meals that you prepare.

Nowadays, you can even watch recorded videos on various platforms like Youtube, Dailymotion etc. So, start following them today if you want to become a better home chef.


Whether you are getting appreciation from others or not, the key to becoming a perfect chef is to practice your skills regularly. However, if you can’t bear the negative comments from others, then you should start trying your food yourself. And try to be sincere while judging the food that you have prepared. Thus, you’d gradually improve your skills and finally, you’d become a cook that you have ever wanted to be.

Try different recipes

Do not stick to a few recipes in your routine. You should start trying different recipes. Thus, you’d be able to cook multiple recipes in a perfect way. This may consume a lot of time but it’s really worth it. Here are some other tips from chefs to cook the perfect home meals.

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